A Word from Sandy

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to learn more about me and my work.

I have a passion for language, and a desire to share my view of life’s triumphs and struggles with others. I believe we all have a greater capacity to love, to feel, and to learn than we ever use. Memoirs and other creative writing outlets challenge us to expand our worlds, to enter a wider and wilder arena, where we don’t just read the words, we ingest them; we live and feel them. I am always aware when I read other writer’s work, that this person is sharing a deep part of themselves with me. That is a scary and intimidating thing. It takes courage and nerve. But it makes us real—real in that rare and wonderful way that when we are most vulnerable, we are also most powerful.

Life, in so many ways, is full and rich. My hope for you is that you find what makes your life abundant and hold on to it. Here’s to living an authentic and generous life. Here’s to daring to show the “real” you to others. And whether you are a writer or not, whether you fill journals very month or struggle stringing three words together, I pray you will be open to the wonder of words, and find yourself richer because of it.


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