I gave myself a present for my 40th birthday: the entry fee for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN and a new pair of running shoes. I adore running and if my aging body would only cooperate, I have the ambition to train long and run far. I am not a fast runner, but I have endurance and can keep going for a long time. I finished that first marathon, despite knee pain that began at mile 8, and have run many other races since then. In 2011, I decided to give triathlons a try! This is a partial list of my successes.

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    Frostbite Half-marathon – Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN – Frostbite was an accurate name for this race but the post-race pizza sure tasted good.
    Tom King Half marathon – Nashville, TN – This was another training run for the full marathon.
  • April
    Country Music Marathon – Nashville, TN – My first marathon before the course change took out the mile 21 hill. Cruel and unusual punishment. I had some bad knee pain but made it to the end with the help of my running partner and sweet sister, Kelly.
  • JUNE
    RC Cola and Moon Pie 10 mile Race – Bell Buckle, TN – Just thought we’d give this race in the heat a try. All was good, but who wants to eat hot chicken biscuits after a race in June. The RC Cola now, that was just fine!

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    Rock and Roll Marathon – Phoenix, AZ – The inaugural run of this marathon had some issues and a long delay at the start. Good run, though.
    Country Music Marathon – Nashville, TN – Another knee problem and I’m about ready to call it quits on the marathon running.

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  • March
    Country Music Half Marathon – Nashville, TN – I walked this half with my 70 year old father and sister Kelly. We finished in just over 4 hours.

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    Tom King Half Marathon – Nashville, TN – Best time ever, under 2 hours, in a huge storm with thunder and lightning. I’m surprised they let us run. I’m even more surprised I didn’t get struck by lightning.
    Middle Half Marathon – Murfreesboro, TN – Had pulled my hamstring running trails a few weeks earlier and it paid me back in full during this race. I hobbled the last 6 miles and Kelly ran on for a great finish.

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  • Trying to recover from my hamstring injury. Stopped running for 3 months and started back again very slowly.

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My husband and I decided to challenge ourselves and run 3 half marathons in 3 months. When you think about it, it’s not so hard. You train for the first one and the other two should follow smoothly. We’ll see, I guess!

    Good Life Half Marathon – Toronto, ON, Canada – Knee pain again, darn it! But finished with just a little walking
    Secret City Half Marathon – Oak Ridge, TN – A very nice race with a good time just over 2 hours.
    Redfish Half Marathon – Panama City, FL – Another nice race with the fastest time of the three races.

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Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Sprint Triathlon, Nashville, TN – – Absolutely panic-stricken in the swim but managed not to drown. Bike and run went fine. 200yd swim / 8 mile bike / 2 mile run

The swim portion – 200 yards in a pool
Heading out of transition for the 8 mile bike ride
Finished the bike portion
Running through Centennial Park in Nashville
At the finish with sister Kelly, who did this triathlon with me
Me and my boys at the finish


Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Triathlon, Lebanon, TN – A fun race and I was much more at ease. 300yd swim / 16 mile bike / 5K run

In the swim – 300 yards in a pool
Flying by on the bike portion

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ADPiAthlon Sprint Triathlon, Murfreesboro, TN – Won 2nd in my age group! – 300 yard swim / 12 mile bike / 5K run

In line for the swim – 300 yards in a pool. Spectators had to stay behind the glass walls of the pool area; hence the foggy picture taken by Tim
On my way on the bike
Coming back in to transition
An easy, flat run


Iron Nugget Sprint Triathlon, Dickson, TN – Very hilly course – 800 yard lake swim / 18 mile bike / 5K run – This was my first open water swim in a race. It was terrifying! Won 3rd in my age group.

Coming out of the lake – I was saying to myself “Never Again!” But, then a few weeks later, I did do it again.
Starting off on the bike – a hilly course, especially at the end. Very mean thing to do, you race directors!
Starting the run – Again, very hilly course. I had to walk the steep first hill.
Finishing – Just glad to be done with this one!

Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon, Memphis, TN – Another open water swim in a lake – ¼ mile swim / 13 mile bike / 5K run – Beat my goal time of 1:30:00 by 55 seconds. Whew, that was close!

Getting ready for the big swim in the lake
Coming out of the lake – the hardest part is over!
Starting on the bike out of transition
Good ride!
Almost to the finish line
The finish line!


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